ZS Solutions

Northwestern Mutual Tower and Commons

Northwestern Mutual
Milwaukee, Wisconsin


Project Type: Commercial Real Estate Development

Project Size: 32-Story Glass Office Tower


ZS performed maintenance access/fall protection analysis and design for the Northwestern Mutual Campus Connection (NMCC) project. Designed by famed architect Pickard Chilton, the NMCC is a 32-story glass office Tower combined with a two-block long Commons building that is integrated with the company’s historic 1914 headquarters building. The 1.1 million gross-square feet project is expected to be completed in 2017.

ZS developed and engineered the maintenance access/fall protection systems for the commons building which include a one of a kind seven story high atrium glass structure. The engineered maintenance access/fall protections system included:

  • A 70′ span Custom Mobile Hoisting Apparatus (MHA) to access all interior glass elevations of the atrium.
  • Rope Descent Systems (RDS) Access Rails.
  • Monorail Trolley Systems.
  • Horizontal LIfe Lines (HLL).