ZS Solutions

Water Flood Testing

Chasing leaks on roofs can be a daunting and frustrating task for a building owner or manager.  Equally true is how upsetting it can be when thousands, or even millions, of dollars have just been spent on a roofing project only to find that it leaks when the first rainfall occurs.  This is why ZS provides flood testing for roofs and plaza decks, either as an assessment of recently completed construction or as an examination into moisture problems within an existing system.

Flood testing is utilized mainly for two purposes: to locate known leaks in an existing roof / plaza deck system, and to test for leaks in a new roof / plaza deck system.  Prior to testing, the roof is strategically separated into isolated areas based on the geometry and structural layout of the roof plan.  These areas are then gradually flooded to detailed specifications following the American Society for Testing & Materials (ASTM) designation D5957.  The associated interior spaces of the roof areas are observed during and after the testing procedures, and any leakage is identified and recorded.  Following the test, any necessary remediation of the roof is performed.  The test is repeated until satisfactory results have been obtained.

Flood testing can help curb the time and expense of repeatedly attempting to locate leaks in an existing roof or plaza deck assembly.  The professional and experienced staff at ZS can help you save time and protect your roofing and plaza deck assets with the most highly-regarded testing in the industry.