ZS Solutions

BIM Consulting

The AEC industry as well as developers, owners and operators are progressively seeing the advantages of BIM delivery processes for new construction and facilities renovation, maintenance and operations.

ZS offers a full range of BIM Consulting services as follows:

  • BIM Strategy – Define the BIM goals and objectives; assess change readiness; and management and resource support as they relate to your facilities.
  • BIM Uses – Identify the methods in which BIM will be implemented, or BIM Uses, for generating, processing, communicating, executing, and managing information about your facilities.
  • BIM Process – Describe the means to accomplish the BIM Uses by documenting the current process, designing new BIM processes and developing transition processes.
  • Information – define the information needs of your organization, including the level of development and facility data.
  • Personnel – Establish the roles, responsibilities, education, and training of the active participants in the BIM process.
  • Infrastructure – Determine the technology infrastructure to support BIM including software, hardware, networks, and physical workspaces.
  • Existing Facilities Modeling (EFM) – EFM converts existing 2-D plans into BIM models for the application of Computerized Maintenance Management Systems (CMMS).
  • Modeling Services for the Construction Industry – This includes shop drawing preparation of rebar, cold-formed studs, and exterior cladding. Ongoing ZS BIM consultancy and implementation plans include over 20 million square feet of facilities for a variety of clients including healthcare, higher education, and government.