ZS Solutions

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV)

ZS utilizes Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV), also referred to as drones, to offer additional benefits and assistance in providing innovative architectural and engineering services to our clients.

The ability to collect and use large amounts of data is transforming our world. ZS is using drone hardware and software to capture and digitally replicate property, giving owners the ability to visualize and manage their valuable assets.

Several ZS engineers and architects are FAA-licensed pilots, certified experts in the use of drone technology and, more importantly, experts in asset inventory and inspections. At ZS, our team collects and processes drone data into deliverables to be analyzed, annotated, stored, and shared. UAV technology is also used to assist in ZS forensic engineering services, BIM data collecting & screening, building enclosure facade inspections, and more. Unmanned Aerial Vehicles are capable of carrying a variety of payloads including inspection, photogrammetric, multispectral and LiDAR sensors.

Advantages of using UAV technology include enhanced data collection on a wide range of projects; the ability to better map areas that may otherwise be difficult or unsafe to traverse; and in certain instances, a more cost-effective means of collecting data in comparison to traditional methods.

UAV Services:
Inspection Imagery
Building Facade Inspections
Construction Progress Assessments
Utility Tower Examinations
Orthorectified Imagery
Thermal Imaging
Topographic and Planimetric Mapping
Volumetric Surveying