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Infrared (IR) Thermography

Infrared (IR) Thermography allows the remote measurement of the infrared radiation (heat, more or less) emitted by objects. By using a camera that can “see” this radiation, we can capture the different heat signatures of building components, allowing the identification of deficiencies that may otherwise be undetectable by the human eye.

An example would be a low-slope roof with a leak that has caused the insulation within the roof system to become saturated with water.  The warmth of the day will heat up the roof system, and at night, when the ambient temperature begins to decline, the saturated area will remain warmer than the rest of the roof.  This temperature differential will be identified by the infrared camera with an amazing degree of accuracy, allowing the physical limits of the saturated area to be located.  Subsequently, these areas can be repaired to eliminate the roof leak.  This can mitigate the R-value loss and detrimental effect on the service life of the roof system caused by wet system components.

Infrared technology can be utilized for a plethora of building enclosure applications.  Forensic investigations, pre-purchase inspections, energy audits, re-roofing, and re-cladding projects can all benefit from infrared surveying by qualified professionals.  At ZS, our team includes trained Thermographers to help you save time and money through the use of state-of-the-art infrared technology and equipment.

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