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John Rothe, Architectural Engineer II, Earns NFRC Thermal Modeling Simulation Certification

Posted by: ZS on November 9, 2017

ZS is pleased to announce that John Rothe has been certified by the National Fenestration Rating Council as an NFRC Certified Simulator. This certification signifies that John is fully trained and experienced in the use of THERM and Window software from LBNL. These thermal modeling programs enable a certified simulator to test the thermal performance of a designed or as-built wall assembly. The transfer of thermal energy through the various components of the wall construction and glazing assembly can be simulated under specific environmental conditions and visualized to inform design decisions. A wide array of glazing and material options may be tested to provide recommendations on optimal building envelope construction, or evaluate the integrity of an existing assembly. Thermal modeling with a certified simulator is integral to the design process of new energy-efficient buildings, and to the renovation of existing buildings.